Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hoya carnosa Peduncle

A little close up pic of the peduncle starting on my H. carnosa. Its the first one!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

H. lacunosa bloom

Hoya lacunosa bloom just starting to open - pic taken on September 17, 2006.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

H. pottsii & H. carnosa cv Krimson Princess

Here is my H. pottsii and H. carnosa cv Krimson Princess - pics taken on September 13, 2006. Both are very easy plants to root and grow.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

H. carnosa

H. carnosa that I received 2 years ago. I noticed the other day it has its first peduncle on a new vine. I am anxious for this one to bloom. It is reported as smelling like chocolate when it blooms.

H. wayetii

H. wayetti grown under my fluorescent lights.

H. cv Minibelle

Both Minibelle bud and bloom. This plant does great on a trellis and will wind around anything it can get a hold of. Its a great early bloomer too.

H. australis

H. australis - I am unsure what species it is.

Hoya Jungle!

Here is my hoya jungle in my bedroom. The window is facing west and gets some good light in the summer and winter.

H. shepherdii

I received this H. shepherdii as a cutting from Paul Shirley Succulents in August 2005. It was slow to get going but starting to vine now. I just noticed one peduncle starting. Maybe they will be blooming in a few months?

H. bella

Hoya bella bloom take on September 12, 2006.

H. multiflora blooms

Hoya multiflora blooms - this is a non-stop bloomer when the conditions are right. It loves to stay on the moist side.

Hoya blooms

H. nummularioides on top, H. cv Minibelle in middle and H. kerrii bloom on bottom - all taken this summer 2006.

Hoyas in Kitchen

Two of my larger hoyas: H. compacta 'Regalis' - variegated hindu rope and H. bella.

Trellised Hoyas

Various H. pubicalyx 'Pink Silver' trellised and a H. Krimson Princess hiding on the right at the end. None have bloomed - I doubt they get enough light needed to bloom but all are doing nicely in my livingroom.

H. Krimson Queen & H. DS-70

Here is my H. Krimson Queen and H. DS-70 hanging outside. I have had KQ for 3 years and DS-70 was sent to me by another hoya addict!

Plants in Greenhouse

Pic taken in September, many hoyas, epis and schlumbergeras that i keep outside all summer long on my back patio.

Dave's Garden secret trade hoyas

Here are some of hoya cuttings rooting from the Dave's Garden secret trade - August 2006.