Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hoya carnosa

Well I shouldn't say there has been no blooms. This Hoya carnosa is trellised and sitting next to a double decker set of grow lights. To my surprise, its decided to bloom. I still don't really like the scent but I sure love its bloom. It has more of a pink cast than how it photographed but only a very light pink.

Unique leaves

Happy New Year! Since there are not too many hoyas blooming this time of year, I decided to take some pics of some of the weird and wacky leaves, especially the Hoya compacta leaves. The second pic is of Hoya compacta variegata. The last 2 photos of Hoya compacta (green) and the first photo is of Hoya obscura. Some of the leaves on it have become very red veined from the grow lights. Its rather pretty and showy.