Thursday, November 23, 2006

H. pottsii

H. pottsii, originally uploaded by sandy130.

Hoya pottsii growing under my grow lights. Notice the new and quite reddish leaves. I love the colour of them.

A little bit of everything!

Well I needed an update and of course being that its cold and dreary these days, I figured it was a good time to post some "under the grow light" pics. These are the little cuttings I received at the end of summer in my hoya trade and they are all coming along under the lights:
  1. First pic is H. compacta "Mauna Loa". I found this very hard to root. It seems to be growing quite nicely now. I should clarify that this one is from my Mom's plant. All previous cuttings of this plant promptly went to the hoya graveyard in the sky. I was lucky enough to root 3 cuttings and she gave me one cutting rooted.
  2. Second pic is H. brevialata (on left) and H. bilobata (on right). Both are planted in the same pot but I will separate once they grow more. I ran out of small pots at the time of planting!
  3. Third pic is of H. davidcummingii. This is a very fast growing hoya it seems and has lovely foliage too.
  4. Fourth pic is H. obovata (on left) and H. pusilla (on right).
  5. Fifth pic is H. vitellinoides - huge leaves on this little guy.

I hope one day I can post some blooms of all these.