Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Carnosa Peduncle Plumping Up!

Back in Sept. 06, my Carnosa decided to get a few peduncles. Of course, all winter long, things have been dormant. Now the days are getting a wee bit longer and I see this little guy getting bigger! The wait begins and I hope I don't jinx it by taking a pic of it before its done anything!

I added two more pics to this post today (Feb. 27, 2007) and its getting closer to open - its a waiting game now.
Well carnosa finally started opening its bloom last night and this morning, was all open. I don't detect a smell. My nose must be shot! Its one lovely flower.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Hoya Strangeness

The top plant was a cutting of this H. cv. Krimson Princess. I wanted to try an experiment to see if the cutting I took would revert back to the leaf colour and pattern of the mother plant but it didn't. It looks like some variant of H. pubicalyx.

H. holliana

This grows under my grow lights also. It took awhile to get going but finally it seems to have found a growth spurt in the last while. It wasnt the easiest hoya to root either. I like how the new leaves have a reddish hue before turning green.

Another H. lacunosa Bloom

Despite it being wintertime, any bloom is welcome. This one happens to grow under my grow lights also. This fragrance fills up a room even though only one bloom is open. Please excuse my very "unmanicured" hands. Apparently, they look much worse in a picture!

Variegated H. bella Bloom

A little up and coming bloom from my variegated H. bella. It seems to like it under the grow lights.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hoya DS-70

Happy New Year and its been awhile since I posted anything but now the DS-70 started to open up its bloom today. I thought i better take advantage of some sun and take a pic of it! I can't smell any scent and here I thought I would smell like butterscotch like I have read about it. Maybe tonight it will decide to be more fragrant. I have 3 more peduncles coming on this plant. I find its a very dependable and maintenance free hoya. A must have in a collection.