Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hoya obscura (IML 1003)

I received this in my David Liddle order in May 2007. Its turned out to be a lovely foliage plant. In his catalogue, he describes it as "Philippines - a much more colourful clone with red leaves". Mine is grown under grow lights for right now. I look forward to some blooms down the road.

Hoya cv. Christine

I received this from a trading friend - Hoya cv. Christine - already rooted too! I must say I really love the foliage. Its a H. subquintuplinervis X H. pottsii hybrid and so far, it is a compact grower. I have read it stays compact as it grows. I sure hope so. The foliage to me is quite appealing. It does have a dormant peduncle but you cannot see it in the photo.