Monday, March 26, 2007

Hoya curtisii peduncle

I noticed this hoya curtisii peduncle tucked away. It seems to be getting bigger now and I am hoping to see this one bloom. Just added another picture (April 18, 2007) and its getting even bigger. Its a very dark peduncle too.


roybe said...

It's such part of the enjoyment of growing Hoyas, spotting the peduncles don't you think Sandy. I hope my curtisii gets some soon. I'm sorry I don't think I answered your question about H. bhutanica. The one I have which is growing O.K. now is a cutting of the original which started to yellow on me. I kept it in my little Ikea greenhouse box for a long time before it became established. I suspect they might like humidity.

christelle said...

hello Sandy,
I can't wait to see the pictures of this flower! is curtisii a difficult hoya? I would love to have one but have always heard it's a tricky hoya to grow. do you have a picture of the whole plant? Lots of your hoyas are blooming...How great ! I get loads of leaves but only a pair of my hoyas bloom regularly.I had very little time to post lately : my little girl Maya is born one month ago!Have a great day!Christelle