Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cyrtoceras floribundum

This was bought as Hoya multiflora but it has now been confirmed as Cyrtoceras floribundum but either way, its a lovely bloom and lasts for up to 2-3 weeks. It has finally bloomed for me after having these cuttings since last summer. Its not my favourite foliage plant but the blooms are interesting and unique.


Hilary said...

My parents found my version of this flowering away upstairs while I was away, so when I got home I was asked, "What is that yellow-flowering hoya?" and told that they were going to get cuttings from it!

roybe said...

Hi Sandy,those are very attractive blooms. I didn't know that H.multiflora had a name change. thats interesting, I have to confess that i've always thought it a little un-hoya like. I've actually bought both multiflora and javanica from David Liddle. Neither have flowered yet so it will be interesting to see the difference. I'll have to find out too if it has a different cyrtoceras variety name.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that H. multiflora did change name at all. As I understand it the plant in general cultivation is misidentified and its real name is Hoya javanica.
Hoya multiflora still excist but is a similar species, not common in cultivation.

The genus Centrostemma is still treated as synonymous to Hoya and the name Centrostemma floribundum is only a synonym to Hoya multiflora. If Centraostemma was to be accepted the names of these two similar species would be:

Centrostemma multiflorum (H. multiflora)
Centrostemma laurifolium (H. javanica).