Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hoya pubicalyx 'Pink Silver'

Finally after 4 years, this pubicalyx decided to bloom. At the moment there is about 5 peduncles but only 2 plumped up to bloom and the one blasted. Not much of a scent to my nose but quite a pretty bloom and colour too.


Tracy said...

You take wonderful pics of your hoya's. I haven't seen my pink silver bloom either, it really is gorgeous.


CrisB said...

Hi, You have so beautiful photos of Hoyas. It's a plant I also like a lot, I have some and have one of this pubicalyx, mas it's very young to bloom. I hope the flowers are so beautiful as yours.

Unknown said...

Wow! They are just beautiful! I also love the way you took the pictures! We also plant and collect hoya's :) you might want to check on a couple of our Hoya Pubicalyx on our site. Hoya Pubicalyx 'White Dragon' and Hoya Pubicalyx 'Black Dragon'