Wednesday, October 11, 2006

H. australis

Here is my H. australis i just trellised up on the bamboo hoops. It will be beside my 2-tier grow lights for the winter.


Diane said...

That is a very nice looking Australis! (and that is a cool trellis for it:-)

Glad I inspired you into building your blog. I love looking at photos of beautiful Hoyas!


ps. Try using cut up pieces if used pantyhose to tie up vines. It will stretch as the plant grows and, in a neutral colour, will blend in to the greenery. Just a thought.

Sandy said...

Thanks Diane....Your blog is great and I am so glad I came across it to do one too...I dont get tired of looking at other peoples hoyas either...its a lot of fun...thanks for the nylon tip....i must remember to find some old ones!..


Anonymous said...

Hi from a very gloomy England! I keep looking at growlights but most of my hoyas don't seem to mind the lack of light over the winter - although I have 5 times as many hoyas as last year!

I love the nylon tip.. next time I ruin another pair of tights I'll be tying it round the plants!

Sandy said...

Hi Hills, thanks for posting!....i love the nylon tip too!..