Saturday, October 21, 2006

H. curtisii

Here is my H. curtisii. It is quite small but it grows quickly once it gets going I have found.


roybe said...

Hi Sandy, thats a nice healthy looking H. curtisii. I've received two from David Liddle recently, one of the Thai species and one of the small leafed species from the Philippines. I hope mine grow as well as yours. I read a comment recently by David on the HrU forum about H.curtisii. answering a question on compact growing Hoyas, he said the small leafed one if planted in a terracotta pot or vase filled with sand and kept moist will cling to the pot. Making the point that if you had nice shaped pot it could an interesting compact display. I wonder if the same would apply to H. serpens because thats a clingy one too. Roy

Sandy said...

Thanks Roy....once you said you have 2 different species, i looked them up in David Liddle's catalogue...they both would be interesting....I hope they bloom for you and you can post the difference in the flowers..I think both serpens and curtisii would creep nicely on anything and therefore, make a lovely display...I have seen a posting in another forum which someone had done that with their serpens with some sort of cholla or slab..i cant find the post or else i would send you the link.